Looking back on Year 1 at Atlanta’s first legal distillery in a century.

You might miss it driving down Edgewood Avenue’s main drag full of hipster-chic bars, crumbling facades, and newly renovated loft spaces. Atlanta’s first legal distillery in 100 years has already reached legendary status in a year since its opening, as if it’s been part of the city and the gentrifying neighborhood it resides in forever. On the day we arrived to chat with brothers Jeff and Craig Moore and Gabe Pilato of Old 4th Distillery, they were preparing for the next day’s vodka bottling — 2,100 bottles of vodka to be exact. Jeff, Craig, and Gabe handle every aspect of the distillery’s running from manufacturing to answering the phone. It’s been a year of bumps in the road, a few missteps, and one all-important purchase, a forklift. But these unwitting pioneers of Atlanta’s fledgling distilling industry have made the most of that year, and sat down with Eater Atlanta to reflect on what it means to be first.


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