Old 4th Distillery has been bottling local vodka since December 2014 and gin since December 2015. With the 12th month coming around again, it’s time to debut another batch of new booze. O4D is now producing Lawn Dart, a lemon liqueur spiked with ginger.

O4D partner Jeff Moore tells Eater Atlanta the distillery has been tinkering with the beverage for a year, and he believes it will “work really well with the craft beer movement as there is no real local shot to pair with local brews.” Moore says it’s “a lot less sweet than limoncello, and the added fresh ginger gives it a spicy kick.”

A statement from O4D explains Lawn Dart became a serious venture because the reaction to taste tests was “universally exuberant.” For production, the distillery takes its cane sugar vodka and vapor-infuses it with fresh lemon peel and cold-pressed organic ginger juice. The beverage, which is 75 proof (32.5 percent abv) is called Lawn Dart because “it’s just a little bit dangerous and a whole lot of fun.