We are now selling our award winning spirits online, available Nationwide through our partner Seelbach’s https://seelbachs.com/collections/old-fourth-distillery

About Seelbach’s

The story behind the name. You may have heard of the bubbly-bourbon cocktail by the same name. In 1995, the bar director of the famed Seelbach Hotel found a recipe for the pre-Prohibition drink on an old menu. A fumbled Champagne cocktail mixed with a Manhattan to created the Seelbach cocktail. The cocktail was a hit. Both during its heyday in the early 1900’s and it’s resurrection in the late 90’s. There was only one problem. The bar manager concocted the whole story! Like most good tales, the Seelbach story spread like wildfire. That story resonated with me. I love a good prank. But, there are so many marketing stories out there and no one is admitting to their fabrication.

That’s why when I started a site dedicated to craft spirits I named it Seelbach’s. We focus on the spirit and not the story. We only carry the distilleries that actually make their products. There are so many brands and distilleries out there waving the “craft” banner. They all want to appear authentic and rooted in hundreds of years of history. We choose to celebrate the small distilleries that make great products.