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Atlanta Made Vodka

old fourth atlanta made vodka

Our meticulously crafted Atlanta-made vodka is a smooth and clean-tasting spirit that evokes the delightful essence of a perfectly crafted creme brulee. Distilled five times from organic cane sugar and filtered through charcoal, it offers delicate hints of caramelized sugar. With an aroma blending sweet burnt sugar, caramel corn, banana custard, and lemon zest, this vodka delivers a smooth and satisfying taste journey, featuring gradually intensifying banana flavors and a perfectly caramelized sugar peak.

The finish brings together saltiness, minerals, and a gentle peppery sting, accompanied by undertones of charcoal and the bright essence of lemon. It’s a captivating vodka experience that will leave you craving for more.

Available in: GA, FL and TN

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